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Noel Cades

Noël Cades is a British writer who currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

Noël's first novel, "Forbidden Lessons" (2014), was inspired by old schoolfriends and the antics they got up to at boarding school in the 1980s.

As well as being a writer of romance, Noël is a huge reader of romance, with favourite genres including Regency romance, Gothic romance and Student-Teacher romance.

Noël's second forbidden romance, "Summer's Edge", is set in the UK in the 1990s.

A third exciting romance set in the world of cricket, "Man of the Match", is currently being written.

A Note From Noel Cades

Hello, I'm a huge reader and writer of romance, from historical to contemporary, and currently write in the student-teacher romance genre. If you've written a student-teacher romance I would love to read and review it. Or if you're a fan of the genre and would like to read my work, please get in touch!

Current Releases
"He may have been able to wait, but I’m not. I need you, Cara, urgently. Now." England cricket captain Matt Curran is fed up with his demanding model girlfriend and the stresses of fame. Being on tour is a chance to escape women an...
Available Now!
Man of the Match
He’s fighting it but he needs this as much as I do.  When Stewart Walker finds out the girl he kissed is a student at his school he’s furious and determined to keep away. But 18-year-old Alice has fallen hard and won’t give ...
Available Now!
Summer's Edge

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