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Noelene has lived all her life in the heartland of the Wimmera wheatbelt in Victoria, Australia. She is married with two beautiful daughters and five even more beautiful grandchildren. She lives on 1.5 acres in a passive solar home surrounded by a native bush garden. Besides writing and reading, she also loves genealogy, playing music and cardmaking.
The first typewriter she used was an old black Remington in an agricultural farming office where her father worked. She typed letters to her mother and took them home. As a child she always scribbled so the writing bug has always been with her. Her first drafts are usually longhand with a pen on an A4 notepad.
These days, Noelene is multi published in women's fiction, romance and historical sagas, all with strong family values. She uses Australian settings with a romantic element and positive endings.
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Current Releases
Anne Gray is forced to marry for the chance of a better life. Until she learns the truth about her cruel husband, flees Devon and escapes to Australia. James Barratt emigrated from Sussex to Australia to make his fortune. Jilted, he vowed never to f...
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A Gentleman's Bride
What happens when romance bursts into your life but you don't want it? Sophie Nash has seen personal loss devastate her family and has vowed never to lose her heart. Geologist Charlie Kendall is a country boy at heart and dreams of escaping the...
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Beneath An Outback Sky
Irish teacher, Meghan Dorney, breaks away from her floundering engagement and takes time out by accepting a six month posting to Mallawa in outback Western Australia. Widowed wheat farmer, Dusty Nash, of Sunday Plains pastoral station, desperate to ...
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Whispers On The Plains
Young Scotsman, Duncan Penross, lands on the pioneering shores of the colony of Port Phillip in 1838. It is the dawn of the pastoral era in colonial Australia. Driven by a lust for women and fierce ambition in this rough man’s world, he is dete...
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Peacocks On The Lawn
A cottage, a secret and a betrayal. For Jennifer Hale, the cottage in the small Australian country town of Bundilla holds the key to a dream. For city architect, Sam Keats, it unlocks a secret stretching back to the Vietnam war. Brought together b...
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Grace's Cottage
When Lucy McCarthy, a welfare worker in Indonesia with UNICEF, returns to Mundarra, Australia, for her father's funeral, she discovers he was not in fact her father and that she is disinherited in favor of an illegitimate brother. When her old...
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Loving Lucy
Ethan Bourke owns Karingal Park sheep station and fights his personal demons. Single mother Summer Dalton inherits the neighbouring farmlet, Greenbanks, from her grandfather and must endure the scandal of her family's past. Ethan offers to buy Su...
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Wombat Creek
Whitney Leighton had worked in the small antiquarian bookshop in Melbourne, Australia, for ten years. She was still reeling from the news that the owner had decided to sell up when handsome stockbroker, Zach Chandler, calls in to collect some rare bo...
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A Whirlwind Romance
Under witness protection and relocated with a new identity, Clare Rayne cannot release her fear of the past - until Blake Fielding pulls up in her driveway, calmly announces he knows about her and will be staying in the cabin next door. Clare discove...
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Starting Again
Marine biologist, Sophie Brookfield, travels to the Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland coast of Australia, to complete her thesis research. After meeting tourist operator and helicopter pilot, Drew Mitchell, she discovers they share the same impo...
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Ocean Blue
Elly George offers to mind her godchild while her best friend is in hospital after an accident. When she cannot work and cope with a baby, she hires part time nanny, Rusty Webster. Living together, attraction and romance blossom. But Elly isn't i...
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Nanny Wanted
Kate Reed and her older brother, Pete, had always been happy on their family's homestead, Darnleigh, in Australian but now they are being forced to sell it. After their mother was killed in a plane crash, their father had drunk himself to death l...
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Outback Hero

A Peek Into the Life of Noelene Jenkinson

My home and native garden

My home and native garden
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My office
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My bookshelves

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