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I’ve always, always wanted to be a writer. For the past three years I’ve been penning erotic fiction under a pseudonym. I have to admit it was fun to explore my “darker side”. But now I am hearing the call of my heart: to write bigger stories that focus on emotion, loss, spirit, and true love; stories I hope my readers will relate to and want to read more than once. Small town America is my favorite fictional setting.

I live in a funky, comfortable fixer-upper on three wooded acres in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, in southwest Washington state. My husband and I run a family business together in a small town nearby, a town very similar to the ones I write about. Our younger son works with us too. At home, four fine cats and a collie dog act as my muses. And two years ago we welcomed our first grandchild, darling Ona Mae. It’s a truly wonderful life.

I love connecting with readers and other authors. Please feel free to email me with your comments or questions. 

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When an old friendship promises to become so much more. Desiree Taylor was just ten years old when Hawk Ironcloud joined the army. The young man she had come to think of as her big brother disappeared from her life, but she'll never forget him...
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Hawk's Promise
Can their bright new love survive? It's a new year and Sunny Williamson and Ben Stillman have just fallen in love. The future holds so much shining promise for them and their two kids. Then, after a wonderful family day together, tragedy strik...
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Sunny's Hope
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What if love really is better the second time around? It's a rough Christmas for just-divorced Sunny Williamson and her six-year-old daughter, Jasmine. When your no-good husband leaves you for a pretty young dancer, it's hard not to feel o...
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Sunny's Second Chance
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