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Souls II

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The Cursed Poet

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The Cursed Poet
This book inserts the reader into a fascinating story full of emotion and drama, the moral character to be an element that stands out. The Crystal Ship is one story, played by a man named Frederic ("Our Wise") that tells us how he seeks to ...
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The Crystal Ship
“Heart II” begins with “Kiss Me,” in which a young lady and a man finally find what is most essential in life, though only in the final hours of their lives. In “Young Boy,” a man’s freakishly youthful app...
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Heart II
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Marcio is a man with an exceptional gift as clairvoyance who uses it to possess the woman he desires and loves. His clairvoyance leads him into the corridor of the powers of an oil exporting country, and as he becomes close to the president of that n...
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Through Existences
Luis, the Peñon, is just a guy whose mind is pestered with images and stories of the lives of the celebrities and people who have succeeded in North America. Talking his parents into affording studies in the first world, which will be profitab...
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Jeremy Smith
As usual days unfolds without any significant event. When signals come along suddenly, many people think of these as warning messages or some meaning to any extraordinary circumstance through which they are going. In many cases, these signals help to...
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A Despairing Act
Souls is one ebook that belongs to the Heart & Souls series. This edition, the first of the serie, is a collection of three spiritual and emotional short stories about life and relationships. It features "Soul Mates", a soul tha...
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Heart is a collection of three stories about just love. It features "The Little Ugly Duck", Cynthia's remarkable beauty makes her gain fame and admiration but not love, consequently disappointment and sadness are the prize for such a...
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Heart & Souls is a collection of three stories about life. It features "My Love Letter", a lad's wish. "The Business Woman", spoken words but not learnt ones. And to complete the collection, the touching and philosophic...
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Heart & Souls -the singleton
Camille is a teenager who turns into a woman desiring what she doesn't have until one day she puts in action and becomes the woman of her dreams to get what she wants. But, unfortunately she learns that tragedy is to get what she desires and t...
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The Most Beautiful Woman

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