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Olivia Brynn is the very saucy alter ego of romance author Alanna Coca. Olivia was the one who lured Alanna into trouble as a child. She also would have been the one to get her mouth washed out with soap. Since controlling Olivia wasn’t as easy as she thought, Alanna decided to set her alter ego free with Olivia’s first book, For a Price, a story about one woman’s journey to sell her virginity. Other books followed, earning five-star reviews and bestselling status. Alanna realized what fun Olivia had writing sexy romances without censor. Olivia writes contemporary erotic romance near a window where the view of the Rocky Mountains beckons her to run naked through the tall foothill grasses. Except when it snows.

Current Releases
Carter Hope would do just about anything for his best friend. When Mario gets the bright idea to buy a POS house together to flip, Carter swears he’s out of his mind. Unfortunately, Mario Gutierrez is hard to resist. After one weird con...
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When Eric Layton lunges for his ringing cell phone in the middle of the night, he’s halfway to the door before he realizes it’s not his chief summoning him to an out-of-control fire. It’s an out-of-control woman who’s too t...
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Last Call
Sidney has crushed on her boss Grant for over two years. When she finally pushes him to his breaking point, they both end up winning. The fraternization rule their company holds dear means that they’ve got to keep their new relationship deep...
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Company Ink
The very short prequel to Tessa's Pride by Olivia Brynn Tessa McCade's plan for the day includes reading, relaxing and maybe some skinny-dipping. All that changes when Josh Bradley--her boss--joins her in her secluded picnic spot. ...
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Tempting Tessa
Adam Nash is a superstar. House, cars, money, women … he’s got it all. Yeah, he’s conceited, but with his looks and talent why shouldn’t he be? Not until he’s banned from another hotel for his drunken antics does he ...
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Falling Star
Forty-something divorcée Cate Roberts was always a pushover when it came to her little sister, but agreeing to pose for the cover of Zoe’s romance novel might be taking it too far. Especially when she’s confronted with the male ...
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Cover Story
You can’t get blood from a stone. That’s what Maureen Sullivan’s mother always told her, but now it’s collection time, and bill collectors aren’t after blood; they want money. At this point, she’d do just about ...
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For a Price
Two years after leaving home to make his own fortune, Joshua Bradley has finally returned to the Bradley Equine Ranch—and to Tessa McCade, the sexy ranch manager with whom he shared a single steamy tryst. Tessa now owns the ranch like sh...
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Tessa's Pride
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In what’s become her favorite class, Jaycee Hanson sits behind Tyler Johnson, ROTC captain and star of most of her erotic fantasies. She doesn’t think he’d ever be interested in her, because in all the time she’s been watch...
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At ease
She’s dead-set against him. He’s dead certain he can change her mind… Marienna Valdez has a cop allergy. Their cocky, superior attitudes never fail to turn her stomach. How fitting that her reward for enduring a perfectly su...
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Position Secured
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