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I'm Olivia and I live just outside of Seattle with my partner, a clowder of cats, and a stink of litterboxes. I enjoy vexing my kitties, taking long walks, eating vegan food, cooking vegan food, and watching cheesy, big budget movies where people answer questions like, "Who should we call?" with a gruff and overly serious, "Everyone." 

I also enjoy making up collective nouns for things that don't already have them, like a spootle of Ruperts and a stink of litterboxes.

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Current Releases
Collected for the first time ever, Agent Kitty Kennedy’s most electrifying stories! Kitty Kennedy, top agent with the Sexual Intelligence Agency, has travelled the world, saving it from threats both foreign and domestic. She knows her way ar...
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Song of the Argyle Goddess
Rosalind grew up in the mob, a willful girl who knows her way around dangerous men. When the time comes to leave the family, to strike out on her own, she knows it’s for the best that she leave that life behind. Too bad her father’s enemi...
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The Godfather's Naughty Daughter
Gwen’s back home for the worst birthday of her life. Yes, it’s nice to see her family, great to get presents, and exciting to find that her uncomplicated, unlabeled friend with benefits just so happens to be in the area. But her mother...
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Hollow Back Girl
It starts with a trail of bodies, and things get so much worse. The Prince of Hell’s come asking Veruca to help him track down and protect a banshee from the queen of all Fairy. She’s the best suited for the task, both because she&rsqu...
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Three very different women, bound together by pack, pulled apart by circumstance. Alpha wolf of Ascending Moon, Cara has led her pack of werewolf women with a firm hand for her entire adult life, thinking of little else. When a hunter dares cross ...
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Passage Through Moonlight
It’s just like Finn to turn a romantic trip into a hostage situation. Veruca had intended to enjoy a fun weekend full of bawdy banter and spontaneous sex with her hot boyfriend. Now she’s racing to track down a bunch of housewives, sto...
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"Will you marry me?" Mel asks, making Gwen suspect maybe his presence has finally given her an aneurism. Of course she won't, she thinks, before he offers her the most delicious cupcake she's ever eaten. Hang on, she reconsiders,...
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Cold Feet
Finn's turned Veruca's life upside down in the best possible way. He's generous, beautiful, funny, and the best lover she's ever known. He's also a magnet for trouble, attracting it like he's the floor and it's the buttere...
Available Now!
Why are there two monsters in Gwen Arthur's office?  She's just a therapist who likes reality TV, junk food, and not getting hit on by Mel, the werewolf PI who works in her building. By all accounts, these two creeps should want as li...
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Mixed Feelings
There's an assassin in town trying to catch a murderer, a lovesick werewolf trying to get lucky, and Gwen Arthur still has a mysterious magical marauder stealing her sugar stash. On top of all that, Gwen's estranged ex-husband Stanley’s...
Available Now!
Business With Pleasure
There’s nothing Finn wouldn’t do for his true love, even if she does have to spend February 14th in stuffy meetings analyzing charts and graphs. While she tends to her empire, antics abound at home, where Finn’s cutting out paper he...
Available Now!
Finn's a failure—at necromancy and life in general. "It's not my fault," he'd insist, looking deep into your eyes as he lifts your wallet. You'd catch him, of course. Because he's a failure. Veruca, on the other...
Available Now!

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