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Olivia Stowe is a published author under different names and in other dimensions of fiction and non-fiction and lives quietly in a university town with an indulgent spouse and two demanding Siamese cats.
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By the Howling is the first crime novel of mine that Cyberworld Publishing have published, but I am planning more. its a genre I love to write in.
Current Releases
Full-figured best-selling Romance novelist Meghan Mason slips into the center of a twisted plot of misunderstanding, deception, and danger herself when, on a coincidence-driven impulse, she buys and renovates a derelict house, Fiddler’s Rest...
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Fiddler's Rest
When Charlotte Diamond retired to Diamond Cottage near Maryland’s eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, she thought she had left her life of crime—solving it, that is—behind her, and is struggling to find a new purpose in life. But the small waterfron...
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By the Howling

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