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This book is a sequel to Damned If You Do, but can be read as a standalone.   Last year Virginia Greening made a perilous journey into Hell to rescue the man she hoped to marry. Instead he wed someone else—and Virginia’s o...
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Hell and Hellion
Benjamin Davis, the former Lord Lambourne, has been damned to Hell for the sin of lust. After being there for a year, he thinks he’s seen it all…until he meets his new tormenter. The demoness Idared tortures him in ways he’d nev...
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Damned if You Do
On the very outskirts of polite society, Millicent Harbinger has always found a way to cover the gaming debts of her wastrel brother Duncan. His most recent losing streak is bound to ruin them, however, andher brother’s solution is to arrang...
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Hearts and Harbingers
Everyone at the academy knows Latin instructress Caroline Tisdale for her plain gowns and severe demeanor. Her headmaster, however, is about to unravel a bit of her mystery. Mr. Topper has always been able to balance passion and propriety—bu...
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Generous Fire

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