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Maybe I like being in the field of construction because all processes start with an idea, work their way on to paper and then grow from basic materials like wood and concrete. Whether I struggle over budgets and financial plans that allow a structure to be repaired or come out of the ground, help an architect discern the differences between quality flooring products, or act as an integral part of the associations that support the industry, I am happy.  Along the way, I learned to be a research-driven, technical writer for industry magazines. And, I used many of those nights on the road to write poetry and short stories.

My first experience with understanding the power of words and how they can be manipulated goes back to when I was no more than nine years old. I can fix the time because I remember the red Formica kitchen table where I sat doing my homework one evening, past my usual bedtime. My family lived in a small, brick, post WWII home on Universal Road in Monroeville, Pennsylvania until I was ten and we moved to Ohio. I have written about the experience in a short story titled, Creative Writing.

I took a hiatus from work in December of 2005. I languished. I became addicted to I stopped seeing friends. I stopped going out of the house. Then, one day I opened the drawer where I kept all of those half written poems, the short stories without names, and the file that held a court transcript over one hundred years old. It had been passed down to my father, who gave it to me a few years ago and said, “Why don’t you do something with this?” I have. My novel is now 90,000 words strong and in constant rewrite!


I have attended the Fairmount Writer’s Conference and taken classes with author Scott Lax, both were luxuries and necessities at the same time. I belong to several writers’ groups and critique forums; they keep me writing. Having the support of my husband and children (all of you – spouses and grandchildren as well!) is invaluable. I would not have this website if it was not for my new daughter-in-law, Angie. Thank you! My family and friends’ encouragement has been generous; the truths and critiques they give me are appreciated. Their time is banked and I only hope I can repay them some day!

My goal is to write words that conjure places, people, events, and feelings to transport the reader.

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