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Pamela Reid lives, works and writes in a house surrounded by woods outside a small farming community in LaSalle County, llinois. P. L. Reid has worked as a freelance editor and writer for 25 years, most-recently as Managing Editor for Arts Beat Magazine. In September 2005, Reid was awarded a scholarship by Tony-nominated playwright, screen writer, actor and producer Samm Art Williams. P. L. Reid was also an assistant editor at MidWeek Magazine in Kaneohe, Hawaii and wrote a weekly column for Channel 2 in Honolulu. Her poems and short stories have appeared in Arts Beat and Connections literary art magazines. She was a featured artist at the "Art Around the Fox" fine arts festival in recognition of her published work.

Current Releases
Anxious about the wreckage piling up in her life, Magdalena decides to settle the mystery surrounding her past. She discovers that a secret love affair between her birth parents years earlier began to unravel just as the political environment in N...
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The Weaver's Loom

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