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Current Releases
Perhaps it’s easiest to think of P.S. Haven as the director/producer of low-budget, sexploitation B-movies. He seems to operate under the delusion he’s doing just that. Each is released not on drive-in movie screens or late-night cable...
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It Rhymes With Luck
Spandex rules MTV. Acid-washed jeans rule the mall. Muscle cars rule the Strip. On the last Saturday night of the summer of 1991, the Eighties are still in full swing for a trio of friends on the cusp of adulthood. Our narrator, his little brother an...
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The Last Mustang on Earth
about Alter Ego: Criminal masterminds scheme and strategize. Would be-world conquerors plot global domination. Alien armadas amass and invade. All opposed at every turn by the Sentinels, brightly-garbed defenders of justice with unimaginable p...
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Alter Ego

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