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Tessa Milner never had much, but when she lost her mom, she lost everything. Her dad became a mean drunk and lost his job. What little the high school dropout makes bussing tables helps keep the lights on and food in the fridge, but she has little ho...
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Blossom Creek 2: Tessa's Hero
Valentina Cupid has always despised her name and the stupid holiday that goes with it. Starting over in the small town of Blossom Creek, she's hoping for a miracle. Down to her last few dollars, she has no choice but to sleep in the car with her ...
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Blossom Creek 1: Valentina's Miracle
Grayson Tanner only fears one thing: his mother's wrath. When he accidentally sets her tree on fire two days before Christmas, he knows he has to fix things fast. There's just one problem -- the best tree farm in town is owned by his ex-girlf...
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Christmas Magic: Christmas Angel
One taste of her sweet surrender left him wanting more, but surrendering wasn't part of her plan. Zoe: If someone had told me one sexy biker would change my life, I'd have laughed. Men had come and gone in my twenty-one years, but I'd ...
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Southern Submission 1: Yes, Sir
Carson Benson has wanted to be a cop for as long as he can remember, but there are some days that he doesn’t like his job. Like the day he gets called out for a domestic disturbance and finds a battered woman and terrified child. What Carson di...
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Southern Drawl
Lexie Duval has always gone after what she wants, and she wants Drew Benson. The tall, sexy, mocha cowboy is one hunk of man she’d love to get her hands on. A rodeo cowboy through and through, she just hopes he can stay on for longer than eight...
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Texas Twang
Elodie Mitchell has struggled her whole life, not only with her weight but also with feelings of being a misfit in the only home she’s ever known. She may not have ever been with a man, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t dreamed about...
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Mastering Elodie
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