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I love writing. There isn't a back story of why I do so or what inspired me- I just fell in love with it!

I love to write in a 'twist in the tale' way. Whatever happens to my characters has to be something that even I cannot guess. Basically, it's the unpredictable that draws me into writing a story. If it's obvious and so is the climax, then I lose interest in it and that's something I would never present to my readers.

My characters are ordinary but something extraordinary happens to them. That's the way I always write!

I also blog. Check it out here:

Oh, and one more thing: I am constantly trying to improve my writing and would love to know what my readers think. Any constructive criticism is welcome.
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Current Releases

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Eternal Secrets

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Forest of the Dark
A girl is awakened on a rainy night and discovers that she has absolutely no memory of where or even who she is. However, a strange force leads her to a house where she is greeted by another girl called Leena who introduces herself as her sister an...
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Talia Silverwoods has finally regained balance in her life. But when someone is killed during one of her assignments, she fears, her powers may be getting too strong for her to handle. After confiding in Aunt Rosalind, she learns that Stanley ha...
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Repeated Lives Book II Talia's Return
When Tara moves into a new town, she finds herself entwined in the town's mystery of two friends- Francesca amd Eliza. Tara is immediately intrigued when she learns that the case had never been solved and takes it upon herself to find out why Fra...
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Francesca and Eliza
Talia Silverwoods leads an ideal life until one day everything is taken away from her and she is stabbed. By the strange powers of an amulet, Talia is reborn in another place and her life repeats--only it isn't ideal as it was before. Fate brings...
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Repeated Lives

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