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“I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else,” Pam Ripling asserts, when asked about her life in Southern California, where she’s lived since she was two. She cites the people, the weather and the beach as factors in her love affair with the West coast. Family, too, provides an anchor to the area, which she describes as a melting pot of humanity, “rich with characters and plots just waiting to be written.” While romantic mystery and suspense (such as novels from the StarCrossed Romance trilogy) are her favorites, Pam, who also writes as Anne Carter, has written middle grade mysteries, literary shorts, poetry and non-fiction. Long a lighthouse fanatic, it was only a matter of time before her obsessions intersected and a series of lighthouse novels emerged. Paranormal elements abound in the Beacon Point Romance series (see below), where mystery, romance and troubled ghosts provide hauntingly entertaining tales set in California lighthouses. A foray into alternative romances came next with the Paulie & Kate duo, books that explore the challenges of a pansexual 1980's rock star. When she is not writing, editing or promoting, Pam enjoys time with her husband, children grandchildren, and one neurotic dog. She is a skilled photo editor and loves restoring old snapshots and creating digital slideshows. For more about Pam Ripling/Anne Carter and to read excerpts, visit www. or write

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A Note From Pam Ripling

There is nothing quite like the feeling of climbing that spiraling nautilus staircase inside a towering lighthouse. Is the echo you hear from your own shoes as you ascend the aging iron steps, or is the resonance a remnant of days gone by, the sounds trapped forever inside the stairwell, bouncing from the rounded walls for eternity?
POINT SURRENDER, first in the Beacon Point Romance series, is about a lighthouse with a past. Its last keeper died there, leaving behind a journal describing his joys, his fears and his turbulent last years. What it does not explain is why he died, or what became of his missing family. As Point Surrender’s newest, if reluctant, caretaker, Amy Winslow is bound and determined to find out just what happened inside the decaying white beacon. Of course, there are those who would just as soon she didn’t. Including the handsome stranger who’s offered to help with her restoration project.
What made this romantic mystery especially fun to write was the availability of a lighthouse for me to stay in. For 3 days and nights, I was able to climb those steps, and sit out on the gallery to watch the ferries come and go and the sailboats passing through the channel. While Port Townsend’s Dimick Lighthouse is actually a replica built to resemble the popular Mukilteo Light in Seattle, it’s a real lighthouse, nonetheless, and provided a much needed shot in the arm for this writer. Unlike Point Surrender, there are no ghosts living at Dimick Lighthouse; but for a few days one summer, the muse was definitely in residence.
Following is CAPE SEDUCTION, a romantic suspense based on St. George Reef Lighthouse in Northern California. This story alternates chapters between present day and 1948, when an up and coming starlet goes missing after filming a blockbuster film at the offshore lighthouse. Sixty-plus years later, a lonely photojournalist discovers its deadly secret. 
Most recently, ANGEL'S GATE tells the story of a crime committed during the infamous WWII "Battle of Los Angeles" in 1942, and those whose lives are deeply affected today. 
Each of the Beacon Point Romances, while peopled by common characters, stands alone. I wish you much enjoyment while reading this fun and exciting series!
Current Releases
Jack McKenzie has returned to L.A., a city he kind of hates, to get back to some things he really loves: ice hockey, his friends, and his sidelined career in set design. He soon discovers that someone has been looking for him—and not for a vide...
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Angel's Gate
Ice Hockey. Strong coffee. His infant son, Duncan. Three things Jack McKenzie could not do without. Now he was about to add a fourth. Beautiful, green-eyed Madelyn Cross has reappeared in his life with a load of baggage and a history riddled with emo...
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Ever & Always
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After being the backdrop for 1948’s critically acclaimed tragic romance, Cape Seduction, Northern California’s Dragon Rock Lighthouse was shuttered and abandoned for decades—and was the last place up-and-coming Hollywood starlet Dar...
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Cape Seduction
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Amy Winslow isn't looking for a mystery; she doesn't even like secrets. In fact, secrets have nearly destroyed her life. But when a terrible accident forces her to take control of her brother's mysterious California lighthouse, ...
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Point Surrender
Kate Bingham’s life has never been ordinary, so she has no reason to think it will settle down anytime soon. With Paulie safely across the pond and living the life he should, Kate struggles to build a new world where she can finally get what sh...
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For the Love of Katrina Bingham
The last thing he expected was to fall in love with a woman. Until Katrina Newman touched his face for the first time, 80's British pop star Paulie Bingham was content with his openly gay lifestyle. That he could be any other way never entered...
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Unmasking Paulie Bingham
On screen and off, silver screen heroes Dane Pierce and Cory "Mac" MacKendall are as different as cognac and Perrier, and newcomer Jessica Taylor loves them both. Despite his tantalizing green eyes and raw sexuality, Dane is not the man she...
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StarCrossed Hearts
Dane Pierce is back.    Once, he was able to walk away from the one woman who set his soul on fire. Now, things have changed. Dane returns to Hollywood to play the greatest role of his life: that of an old friend, upholding an impossible ...
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A Hero's Promise
Benjamin Mitchell thinks life really sucks when he nearly fails his history test. What's more, he's trying to get on the Midland Racers hockey team as a replacement goal tender. His buddies, Zach and Frasier are as different as night and d...
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Locker Shock

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