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I live in the Pacific Northwest, where I write novels and screenplays and work as a private investigator. When I'm not on the job, I explore the natural world on foot or cross-country skis, in my kayak, and underwater as a scuba diver.

Whether it's a mystery or a romance, each of my fiction books is action-packed and filled with nature and animals. My fiction has won multiple prizes, including the Grand Prize from Chanticleer Book Reviews (an Amazon favored reviewer) and the coveted Daphne du Maurier Award.

My Summer Westin mystery books (ENDANGERED, BEAR BAIT, UNDERCURRENTS) all take place in the wilderness.

My Neema mystery books (THE ONLY WITNESS, THE ONLY CLUE (coming soon) feature signing gorillas and realistic animal-human communications. In my romantic suspense books (SHAKEN, CALL OF THE JAGUAR), I draw on my investigation expertise and my knowledge of foreign places and cultures.

As the descendent of a long line of farmers, I am naturally thrifty and surprised that others aren't, so I wrote a book called SAVE Your Money, Your Sanity, and Our Planet, 5 Lessons and 125 Tips for a Thrifty LIfestyle. And people keep asking me about what it's like to be private investigator, so I wrote that all down in a short book called So You Want to Be a PI? It's a good resource for anyone who is considering becoming a private investigator or for authors writing about a PI.

You can find excerpts of my books and links to online bookstores on my website. I wish you happy reading, and happy adventures wherever life takes you!


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Current Releases
Scuba diving off the Galápagos Islands, wildlife biologist and freelance writer Summer “Sam” Westin is not only out of her element—she’s plunged right into a dangerous conflict between fishermen and environmentalists...
Available Now!
Ever thought you'd like to be a private investigator? This book, written by a licensed PI, will explain the skills you need and describe what it's really like to work in the field of private investigation. Whether you're intereste...
Available Now!
Wildlife biologist and writer Summer “Sam” Westin loves the wilderness. But her latest attempt to protect nature may just get her burned…   Sam Westin is working on a twelve-week project for the National P...
Available Now!
Meet wildlife biologist and writer Summer "Sam" Westin, whose dream of saving the cougars is complicated when a boy vanishes from a campground in Utah... A child has gone missing, and Sam Westin knows it's her fault...
Available Now!
A novel of mystery and suspense from Daphne Award Winning Author Pamela Beason Teen mother Brittany Morgan left two-month-old Ivy sleeping alone in her locked car while she dashed into a store. Now Ivy has vanished and half the town suspects ...
Available Now!
The Only Witness
A Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novel by Daphne du Maurier Award Winner Pamela Beason. Pamela Beason's writing has been featured as Recommended Reading by Suspense Magazine. When Terrence Langston ran Langston Green, the plant nurse...
Available Now!
From Daphne du Maurier Award-Winning Author Pamela Beason comes a tale of escaping from a mundane urban life to exotic adventure, romance, and danger among the Mayan ruins of Guatemala. Great adventure read... ...very compelling story... ...
Available Now!
Call of the Jaguar
This is a book designed to help you reconnect with what you really value. You’ll learn how to develop thrifty habits that will last a lifetime and lead toward a happier, healthier, less stressful lifestyle.
Available Now!
SAVE Your Money, Your Sanity, and Our Planet: 5 Lessons and 125 Tips for a Thrifty Lifestyle

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