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Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of being a fireman, a police officer, an astronaut, a cowgirl, an FBI agent, a spy for the CIA, a forensic psychologist, an exorcist, and a scrappy detective like Nancy Drew or Jessica Fletcher. Then, she grew up and realized what she really wanted to be was an author. That way she could live out her dreams from the safety of her own front porch.

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Rae Morgan traded a secure life in Stallion Springs, a small Arizona town, for a life of exotic adventure in the military. When a bombing in Afghanistan left her with devastating scars, she returned home to help run the family business. When her estr...
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Murphy's Law
A city girl by birth and a country girl at heart, Elle Bea Reynolds found her calling—tenant farming five acres in a little town outside New York City. Her idyllic circumstances are threatened by the New York Central Railroad, who wants to buy ...
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His Blizzard Bride

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