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I  live out of a suitcase half the time, wish I was living out of one the other half. Happily chained to the same guy for umpteen years. I write and I write and when I'm done doing that...I write. I currently write for eXcessica and have a few projects in the works.
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What happens when a straight man wants dick—but for just one night? When he wants to lift a frilly skirt to find fine hosiery and silken panties and…a cock. Just for him. Benny wants a hard man in a pretty outfit to fulfill his bigges...
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Sin Alley: Cray's Den
Things have changed a lot in Sadie's life but one thing that hasn't is her husband Davis' love for her. For her birthday, Davis wants to fulfill her kinkiest wish. So he gives her something they’ve joked about for years. A trip d...
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Sin Alley: Gamble's Whip
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After the death of their father, Jordan moves home to help her brother put him to rest. He breaks the news one night that evidence has come to light that they might not actually be related. Which puts a whole new spin on the vivid sexual fantasies...
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Cry Little Sister
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After more than a decade of marriage it comes down to honest exploration. Two of his fantasies, two of hers. Four games total before they're all done. What starts as common fodder for sexual fantasy escalates with each scenario as Brett and Al...
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Parrish Armstrong  is a man who’s lost everything only to carry on. His pack has watched him pull through a time of staggering grief and keep going. He’s the kind of wolf people talk about—gruff, rough, no bullshit. The...
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Jen's always been a daddy's girl, even though her dad isn't her real dad. She's just now coming home to Pleasant Parks on her way to a brand new life. She's got a thriving sex life, she's had tons of fun, and she's gott...
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Father's Keeper
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Julianne just wants that old spark back in her marriage. Her husband Logan is too preoccupied with making their business bloom. When she's rebuffed one too many times she does some soul searching. Her search leads her accidentally to a very handsome ...
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From Seriously Reviewed 15.5/20 "Don’t shy away from Uncle Ed’s Lap because of the content warning or you will miss out on a wonderful story that will have you sweating with the steamy love scenes and emotionally poignant moments......
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Uncle Ed's Lap
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