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My number one addiction is daytime soaps. I draw a lot of my inspiration for “over the top and occasionally outrageous” dialogue not only from my favorite day time soaps – which I record religiously – but also credits my  family and friends. I am the first to admit that my characters are sometimes “way out there” but millions of fans of the genre can’t be wrong! I am proudest most of my two children Adrians and Andrue, spoils my dog Tiki rotten, enjoys my daytime job and spend my  freee time penning stories and watching Lifetime. 
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Vincent Rutland is complex. He is trying to come to grips with scars from his childhood, an over protective uncle, and to live up to his father's image of greatness. A turning point comes in his life when he initiates a meeting between hims...
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Michael’s goal is to have it all. Falling for the boss’s daughter wasn’t part of the plan. But some things are worth the risk, and she was it! Soon Michael is pitted against a man he once considered his mentor and Seine becomes an u...
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