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On a retreat to cure writer's block, erotic horror writer Morgan Caine finds a waterfall in the forest-along with a gorgeous naked Muse. Is he real, supernatural, or a figment of her imagination? In town, she meets Michael Logan, biker and tal...
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Morgan's Muse
Sent to bring Irene Ryan to Sanctuary, Jordan Sinclair falls for the woman who heals him after a deadly encounter with the nurderous Malakai. Passion sizzling between them, the killer hot on their trails, will their Alliance survive? ...
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The Psychorp Series II: Gathering Storm
Shaking off vague memories of a nightmare, Naomi steps outside her door and meets Ben Thornton, whose startling green eyes are so reminiscent of the man in her nightmare she faints in terror. Ben catches and carries her inside, stunned to find the...
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Embraced by Darkness
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Unable to remember much of her childhood in Locke Ridge, except in the horrors of her dreams, Zoe tumbles into lust with Dominic and, in the course of passionate play, remembers her heritage. She is the descendant of the supernaturals who moved in...
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Zoe's Return
Rachel Mackenzie has always been alone, orphaned at the age of eight and raised in foster homes. But she has always felt another presence, an elusive shadowy person at the edge of her perception. She thought herself nuts and tried to ignore the ph...
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Dangerous Connections
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When Navy SEAL, Damien McAllister, dropped into her life, he turned it literally upside down. Laurie had never found the love and acceptance she needed from anyone but the daughter who loved her unconditionally. She didn't trust her feelings i...
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Always a Warrior
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