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She’s sworn to live her life without pain Everyone Georgiana ever loved has died. Now three months short of gaining her inheritance, she must spend her last summer at Castle Montgomery with her Aunt Millicent, and her abominable cousin, Jona...
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To Love This Woman
Daria Wells knew better than to get involved with a cop, even a retired cop. It doesn’t matter that he’s gorgeous, or that his kisses and scent leave her dizzy, weak and wanting more. He’s a temptation she’s unable to refus...
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A Wicked Temptation
Toni manages the old inn on South Tiana Road, and its new owners have hired on the company, Deleo and Son to make repairs. The “son” is Toni’s old flame. She walked out of his life in college, and hasn’t seen him in seven y...
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South Tiana Road Series, Book Two     On a modeling shoot, Diana Lancaster meets a gorgeous man who she mistakes as the fellow model she’s been expecting. But Reid Lawless has come to deliver a message: The model isn&rs...
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After months of hard work, Carlie Russo took a night off to attend her best friend’s birthday party. While there she met a man who caused her to forget her usual common sense. Influenced by his magnetism, combined with the sensual e...
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Jack Callahan had to think fast. He needed to scope out and keep a dangerous gang of criminals under surveillance and he needed the lady’s house in order to do it. He hadn’t gone there with the intent to kiss her. It was simply a ploy ...
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One Wicked Naked Lady
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Abby was going home for her mother’s wedding. Caught in a train crash, she was horrified to suddenly find a strange man laying over her. That he was attractive bore no consideration. This simply could not happen. “Don’t fall asleep,...
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Heat Lightning
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Could they survive the pain only those who love deeply can know? She hated him beyond measure. After a year of torturous separation her feelings had only grown in strength. When would he leave? She couldn’t allow him to know her most car...
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Then Came Love
Jebediah Knight, Arizona territory’s Marshal, is a big man. He’s come to Arizona City to take care of business. Once the job is finished, Jeb realizes he’s not ready to move on just yet. It seems a sweet, if cantankerous, little lad...
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Heat Wave
When a lady sunbathes topless, she's apt to attract one delicious man. After finding a lusciously tempting man in her backyard, hard-working Maggie thought it just might be time for a little R&R. Jeremiah's company was contra...
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