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Patrick Salkeld is an honors graduate of 2010 from Cary High School, where he participated in NJROTC, Athletic Training, and the Cary High newspaper. He played soccer with CASL for 5 years, but played for 14 years total. Now living in Edmond, Oklahoma, he freelance writes for Associated Content and maintains his own blog. Patrick Salkeld has published three poetry books: Sandy Adventures, Many Hearts, One Emotion, and Duke: A Best Friend, A Pet, And A Brother
Current Releases
These poems and one story are memoirs of the life I shared with my best friend, my pet, and my brother, Duke, who was the most amazing dog anyone could ever ask for. I will never find another dog like Duke. He is truly a one of a kind dog
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Duke: A Best Friend, A Pet, And A Brother
Everyone has a heart, some small, some large, some healthy, some not. No matter how different every heart is, it can love and be loved. Love is never impossible or perfect, whether it is the love of a parent to a child, or love of an owner to a pet, ...
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Many Hearts, One Emotion
A collection of poems, and one story, about how being near water reminds one of those one's lost, loved, or both.
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Sandy Adventures

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