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Patrizia Murray is the pseudonym of an Arizona columnist, editorialist, and reporter, an author of essays, poetry and children’s stories, and published song writer. She loves sunshine, family, Christmas, golfing, reading, cooking, entertaining, all kinds of music, (especially classical, which she listens to while writing), singing, playing piano, bridge, and attending live theater and concerts. She is married with one son, and tries to write at least two hours a day, when not working in her husband’s business, selling real estate full time, and enjoying her other interests.

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Current Releases
Ladies Who Lunch Series #5 Feeling like Joan Wilder in Romancing the Stone, Marda is sniffling her way through allergy season, nearly finished her newest romance novel. Marda is the best friend of Justine (Justine's Auction 2010). Since Justin...
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Marda's Muse
What hapens when a self-confessed workaholic, Hanna Bowness, owns and manages a professional hockey team and is repsonsible for keeping the team's 'goon' or 'enforcer' under control? Rejean Haultain is big, bad and beautiful, and ...
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Hanna's Hat Trick

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Evalina's Gamble
A sweeping tale that takes you from the trenches of World War I to the emerging Canadian West, and back to the salons of Paris, during the Roaring Twenties. Lucinda Montgomery is loved by two men, Jack and Ford. Their story is wa...
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Lucinda's Grooms
  Blurb Heroines you want for friends, Heroes you want for lovers                "What is The Blind Date about?   While Rob is being held...
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Mia's Blind Date
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Why do three separate buyers want the acreage that Freddi has inherited from her inventor father? What is the mysterious concrete structure on the property with no doors or windows? Is bad boy biker Ward on her side or the other side in t...
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Freddi's Collection
Can a wary, unwilling, age-bigoted cougar change her staid life for a determined man eleven years her junior? Or will she settle for an older, equally staid man who promises stability instead of hot sex?        &...
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Suzien's Second Love
Justine’s Auction When the auctioneer’s gavel falls, Justine and Ryan have bought each other at the charity Bachelor auction in support of breast cancer research. Neither could predict the instant hot and steamy attraction between the...
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Justine's Auction

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