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Author Patty Johnson was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Joseph and Anna Mae Johnson. Both parents believed a good education plus good manners equalled a good future. Joseph taught Patty to read using the newspaper before she entered kindergarten, and her love for words never ceased. For 25+ years, she worked as a legal secretary/paralegal, but never gave up on her dream of becoming a published author.

After being blessed with two sons, both diagnosed with autism and ADHD, Patty would tell them bedtime stories every night. The boys loved the stories so much, they would ask to hear them again and again. Patty had to write the stories down, because to a child with autism, you couldn't always deviate from the original version. Corey the Calf is a by-product of Patty's bedtimes with her children, as well as a dream come true for the author.

Patty writes imaginative stories for young children. Each story is entertaining and educational--each teaches a lesson on a moral value, such as honesty, friendship, and sharing. The first book in the series, Corey the Christmas Calf, is available for download on Amazon.

Patty also writes for The Fellowship Journal, a Christian newsletter, and is the former Editor-in-Chief of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists. She isn't afraid to admit that she can express herself better in writing than speaking, or that butter pecan ice cream can sweeten even the worst of days. Connect with her at

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Just in time for Christmas, Corey the Christmas Calf will be free for download on Amazon for Kindle on December 20-21 and December 24-25. A perfect gift for all those little ones that will be getting tablets for Christmas.

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