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Paul Alan Fahey, Ed.D, lives on the Central California Coast. He created and edited Mindprints, an international literary journal for writers and artists with disabilities, at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, California. During his tenure, Mindprints made Writers Digest’s “Top 30 Short Story Markets” list for two consecutive years. His writing has appeared in Byline, Palo Alto Review, Long Story Short, African American Review, The MacGuffin, Thema, Gertrude, Kaleidoscope, and in several other literary journals and anthologies like A Cup of Comfort, Sisters in Crime, My Mom is My Hero, and Writing on Walls. Paul’s monthly online column at Coffeehouse For Writers focused on writing advice. He is a six-time winner of the “Lillian Dean Writing Award” for short stories and nonfiction at the California Central Coast Writer’s Conference. 


I have two e books, LGBT fiction, out now published through JMS Books: THE VIEW FROM 16 PODWALE STREET and WHEN THE RIGHT ONE COMES ALONG  and four more in the works.  A young adult title, BOYS WILL BE BOYS, will be out in October 2012. I'm currently working with 22 terrific writers on the anthology, THE OTHER MAN, a collection of personal essays about the male writer being the other man, suffering the other man or having one's relationship affected by infidelity. THE OTHER MAN will be out in spring 2013 in print and as an e book and will be published by JMS BOOKS. 


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Current Releases
What is the meaning of identity? A woman living in an isolated cottage on the central California coast watches the fog drift across a desolate landscape. Several miles to the south, another woman, a patient in a Santa Monica hospital who has survi...
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Mistaken Identity
Who is the other man? He’s an accident waiting to happen: the skateboarder round the bend, the smiling barista with the extra hot mocha, the computer geek eager to retool your mate’s hard drive. He’s a relationship gatecrash...
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The Other Man
Philip feels in control of his life -- at least until his best friend, Jonathan, contracts AIDS, passes away, and leaves him feeling disconnected and uncertain about the future. Then the one steady influence in his life, his mother, becomes seriou...
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Your Mother Should Know
After losing his lover in a tragic motorcar accident, Leslie Atwater goes about the motions but doesn’t really feel alive. Not without Edward. In a time where “one of us” was a euphemism for being gay, Leslie and Edward managed t...
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Bomber's Moon
In the late 1950's, fourteen year old Philip Noland is a gay but sexually inexperienced freshman at St. Sebastian’s, a Catholic high school for boys. Alone and emotionally isolated, with the exception of two friends named O’Riley a...
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Boys Will Be Boys

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