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Senator “Poker John” Herbert of Louisiana will probably be the next President of the United States—unless a rumor about a secret in his past is exposed. It’s a secret even he doesn’t know about. Max Maxwell is sent to Ne...
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That Old Black Magic
The biggest secret of World War Two may be about to be revealed—totally by accident. If the truth gets out, history may have to be rewritten, counties may go to war, allies may become enemies, and lives will be lost. One of those affected is Ma...
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Long Ago and Far Away
Max Maxwell is working on a stalking case, involving the unhappily married lady he has been seeing, when he gets a call from an old army buddy, Bill Hart, who is now running an off-the-books intelligence operation in Washington, DC. Bill asks Max to ...
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Sentimental Journey
The 1953 Southeaster Fair is about to begin in Atlanta, Georgia, and Johnny Morocco, the Dixie Detective, has been hired to guard a prize stud bull being shown at the animal exhibits. What he isn’t told is the reason. Recently some of the best ...
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Fair Game
Johnny Morocco hit Atlanta, Georgia in 1953. The former army military policeman changed his name from McDonald and used his military training to become a licensed PI. Johnny's “office” was a pool room called Big Town in the heart of t...
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Wrath of the Dixie Mafia
Retired army officer and former military policeman, “Max” Maxwell, lives and works in a suburb of Seattle, Washington, where he settled down to open a private investigation business. When a SCUBA diving buddy, who is also a teacher and co...
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Dancing in the Dark

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