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Pearle Munn Bishop

Pearle Munn Bishop’s home has always been filled with books, stacks of them.  Pearle is a true Tar Heel as her father was born in Tar Heel, North Carolina. Most of her youth was spent in Tamahawk, in eastern North Carolina.  When she was 14, she wrote a weekly column for a local newspaper and was paid in a free subscription. 


During World War 11, she worked in Baltimore at Glen L. Martin Aircraft. She met Lyle, and they were married three weeks later.  Even when her husband’s Air Force career took the family to England, Germany, Japan as well as locations in the United States, the books travelled along with other household goods.  Their five children changed schools more times than she can count on two hands.  She has a nursing degree and used some of that knowledge in her novel. They retired and moved to the mountains, working as ski patrollers at Sugar Mountain Resort.


She joined High Country Writers in Boone, North Carolina, and absorbed techniques of writing.  One day, the muse hit and Cleo’s Oak flowed from her pen as if channeled.

Current Releases
Cleo’s Oak   Cleo, a psychic midwife from the 1800s channels her life story through Willow, an egotistical, contemporary sixteen-year-old girl. x Does a mystical Celtic spirit live in Cleo’s oak? x Are there really magic ...
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Cleo's Oak

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