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Alexa & Blaire have professional careers that fill the weekdays but their weekends are all about satisfying their masochistic desires. Their eagerness to be bound in positions that appease the fantasies of near strangers is beyond what most would...
Available 12/29/17
Alexa & Blaire

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JoeSmith delves deeper into his erotic fantasies, pushing his subjects to their breaking point as the sadomasochistic adventures continue with book two in descriptive detail through the eyes of Sam as she trains to become Mistress Samantha under the ...
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My JoeSmith 2
Terri is a mild-mannered, career driven woman who has been living a secret life as JoeSmith's toy. She receives an email every Friday with instructions to follow and hints about what fantasy he is going to play out. On Saturday, she is driven to ...
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My JoeSmith

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