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Hi, I'm Penelope Friday, writer of the most crazy range of stories, poetry and articles on the web. Mostly, I'm known for my erotica, but I'm also fairly articulate on the subject of disability activism, and have written about everything from religion and what to put in your child's lunch box to historical novellas.

My general hope is that people like reading what I write as much as I like writing it :)
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Current Releases
Love, Lust, Loss - Nine sensual erotic stories of women loving women from the gentlest love stories to passionate encounters and tragic losses. A story for every mood.  Warnings: This title contains graphic language, f/f sex, voy...
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Love, Lust, Loss
Sometimes a kitchen spoon is just a spoon, and sometimes it isn't. These three stories throw in everything but the kitchen sink for a little kinky ménage play. We begin with After the Fire by Alex Marcus-Jacobs. After a fire has destroy...
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Toy Box: Kitchen Sink Menage
Sex comes in many flavours, and Sex, Love, Pleasure, and Pain explores sexuality in its various forms. Stories of straight and queer loving, from frantic one night stands through loving domination to seductive sexual fantasies - this anthology has so...
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Love, Sex, Pleasure, and Pain
Work is a place for working, not for illicit pleasures. When David catches his employee Pansy masturbating, he needs to teach her a lesson - and it seems Pansy is all too willing to be taught. Warnings: This title contains masturbation, spanking, ...
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Punishing Pansy

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