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Born of Irish and Fae descent in the desert of west Texas Penny Ash traveled far and wide before settling in the wilds of south Texas where she farms plot bunnies and has art attacks in her spare time. She began writing seriously when she couldn't find the kind stories she wanted to read anywhere else and draws on her years of experience with the paranormal, the unusual, and the just plain weird. A big fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction as well as History and the world around her, everything is inspiration for her stories. Penny spends a lot of time online and loves to hear from her readers.   
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Dell Blackfeather has spent the last five years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. When new evidence is found and he's freed, all he wants is to leave Montana and his past far behind. Alison tried to be the perfect wife until the day she cam...
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Far From Montana
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Can true love blossom between two people brought together by Alien abduction?  Or will secret government experiments destroy them?
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Viva Las Vegas
Exiled from his home as a young Puca, Kian, takes his search for true love out into the world.  A shape shifting trickster he’s still looking for that perfect woman when he settles into the forest that surrounds Enchanted Grove, Oregon.&nb...
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Best friend and fellow author - she writes great action adventure and thriller books
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