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Peter writes fiction set in the ancient and medieval worlds, including an adventure from the Trojan War ('The Painter of Lemnos') and two set in fifth-century BC Athens - 'A Pig in the Roses' (a mystery) and 'The House on Athene Street' (a children's adventure).

'Voices from the Past' is a collection of short stories set in periods from Bronze Age Greece to medieval England. 'Starlight' and 'The Cross of St. Mary's' feature an Anglo-Saxon farmer turned ironsmith in ninth-century England. 

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Lame after a Viking raid, Ulf leaves Leystoke to learn a new trade. Working for the ironsmith Hunlaf in Hemingburh, he is busy doing work for his lord's new church. When Feirgil the Irishman is hired to make the great cross for the altar, life...
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The Cross of St. Mary's
It is the Bronze Age. On the plains of Ilion the Akhaian army under Agamemnon, fighting to capture the city of Priam, is trapped between the sea and its own defences. Kindulos lives a quiet life on the island of Lemnos, painting pictures on richer...
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The Painter of Lemnos
Ulf, a farmer in Anglo-Saxon England, starts a new life after a Viking raid. Short story.
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Historical story for children. A visit to the marketplace in Athens turns into chaos when Hermippos and his family learn that Tiya, the young Egyptian perfume-seller and family friend, is in trouble. Then Hermippos's determined three-year-old ...
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The House on Athene Street
Nine short tales from the ancient and medieval past. A Minoan peasant tells home truths to a passing Mycenean, an ambassadorial visit to Egypt goes embarrassingly wrong, a Greek rower tells of a sea-battle during the Peloponnesian War and a mercha...
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Voices from the Past
Athens is a city living on its nerves, a city on the verge of war with Sparta. When Diokles - merchant, family man, inquisitive, loyal and a terrible lyre player - finds his wife’s uncle Makron accused of murder, it is his duty to defend him...
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A Pig in the Roses

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