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I started to play the piano as a little child in Hungary and became interested in all music classical forever. Then I worked as an English teacher for 30 years, mostly in Hungary, where I also taught trainee teachers for over a decade, and did translation work. I later taught English in China for a few years too. I met and started to accompany my friend, soprano Zhong Jun Shen there. She had graduated as an opera singer from the University of Xi’An in North-China, but afterwards moved to teach classical singing at a university in South-China, where she also gave occasional concerts. After she had moved to the Netherlands for further studies and to earn a master’s degree a few years ago, we resumed work again. We are both freelance now, giving concerts when possible. I have been working with other singers for a while too.

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This book is a theoretical and practical guide for Asian singers and their teachers who grapple with differences in singing techniques, language and culture. It provides detailed descriptions of the singing instrument and ways of singing opera ...
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Comparison of Learning Classical Singing between European and Chinese Singers

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