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Current Releases
An astronaut in exile, Saul Blackwell has discovered the key to eternal life—a salve—while living amongst a primitive people who worship him as a god. In order to refine this life-extending substance and purge it of its negative side-effe...
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GOLGOTHA [The Children of Sol 3]
:Half-human and an outcast from birth, Elirah Encathla finds life amongst the elves of the Aluaundi tribe insufferable, especially after the death of her beloved foster-father. Heeding the call of her human side, the beautiful Elirah sets out,...
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THE HEMUNARTH: The Black Rose, A Chronicle of the Elves, Book 1
Mild-mannered, meek and middle-aged; Thomas Crow has always lived a life considered well-below the margins of success.  Outshined by his peers at work, disrespected and emasculated by his wife and daughter at home, Thomas lives the summa...
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The Sucky Life of Thomas Crow [The Man Cave]

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