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Hurray! I write the Mudflat series for BookStrand, an ongoing tale of a girl who needs her coffee and a guy who needs his sword. They drag each other in and out of trouble, adventure, modern day Seattle and a secret Other World. So what's the big excitement? TARBABY TROUBLE, Mudflat book 1, won the 2009 Eppie for Best Fantasy. And - WELCOME TO MUDFLAT, BABY, Mudflat book 2, was a finalist for the 2009 Eppie in the Fantasy/Paranormal Romance category! Hugs to all the wonderful people who have supported and encouraged me. Book 3, MUDFLAT TOY BOY, is now available. All of my books can be ordered from the publisher or through or Barnes & Noble. 2009 and Book 4 is under construction on my computer. More excitement for me: I have been writing short stories about the Mudflat characters and two of them are easily accessible now. NEAT ALYSSUM is in the June Crossed Genres Magazine, in print or on-line at SWEETEST BOYFRIEND, June 11 on the LongandShortRomance Review site at
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Between working two jobs in Seattle to pay the bills, Claire fights off con-men and ex-boyfriends and tries to supervise a teenager. All Claire really wants is a little peace and a lot of quality time with her guy. But at least her current problems...
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Mudflat Toy Boy, Mudflat 3
Length: about 90,000 words. Deja Vu Lover will be released as an ebook in 2008 and as a paperback in 2009. This is a fantasy romance that takes the heroine from present day Seattle to 1920s Hollywood. "He broke her heart in another life and no...
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Deja Vu Lover
This is the second book in the Mudflat series. Neighbors are disappearing. Witches are casting spells. Bad boys are pulling scams. And someone is shooting at Claire. Help! She needs a hero! Welcome to Mudflat, Baby, was a 2009 national Eppie...
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Welcome to Mudflat, Baby, Mudflat 2
 This is my latest book and will be the first book of the Mudflat series, an urban fantasy set in Seattle and elsewhere. Gamblers try to force astrologer Claire to help them rig bets. Foreseeing personal disaster, Claire flees into the woods...
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Tarbaby Trouble, Mudflat 1

A Peek Into the Life of Phoebe Matthews

My usual messy look on an outing with friends.

My usual messy look on an outing with friends.
Okay, sometimes I clean up -

Okay, sometimes I clean up -

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