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Phyllis DeMarco studied filmmaking and screenwriting before embarking on a career as a novelist.  Her passions include history, classic movies, White Sox baseball, and above all else, love. Her novel, Passage to November, won  the 2012 EPIC E-Book Award for Best Historical Romance. She resides in Chicago, where she lives in servitude to her two cats, Keno and Chiquita.

A Note From Phyllis DeMarco

Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to check out my info. I love and appreciate each and every one of you-- especially if you've enjoyed reading my books! Drop me a line at I'd love to hear from you!



Current Releases
  Annalee Harrison is blonde, talented, and gorgeous, an up-and-coming starlet with the world at her feet...and she's in trouble. Pregnant with the child of a married bandleader who has just fired her, she knows her career is over...u...
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Blurb: Clara Grace cannot recall the traumatic events that brought her to this desolate Canadian beach.  As debris washes ashore, memories flash through her mind: a terrible storm…men swept to their deaths…the deep, menacing dar...
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Passage to November

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