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Hi, I'm Pia Manning. I live in back of beyond Wisconsin with my spousal unit, three rotten cats, and two spoiled beagles.

Many thanks to those who have read SB Procured, and SB The Meat Market, as well as Siren Publishing. Your support means the world. Please feel free to visit and leave comments at Facebook: Twitter: piamanning3  My blog at

Review for Star Brides: Procured

Regina from Coffee Time Romance: ...Star Brides: Procured by Ms. Manning is a well written alien abduction love story that I enjoyed reading very much. The world building is interesting and imaginative. The love scenes are highly sensual and erotic and I absolutely loved the “lidans” and no I will not tell you what that reference means, you will have to read the story to find out what they are! The scenes with the lidans totally cracked me up, that was a very fun part of the story!....

Reader reviews for Star Brides: Procured:

SirenBookstrand: Five Stars: Loved the story line, can't wait for the next one.

Amazon: Five Stars. Absolutely fantastic! This is the first I've read from this author and it's a hit. Definitely will by her other works.
Great story line, plot, easy flow.

Five Stars. Anyone who loves romance that is sci fi based this one is for you.Can't wait for the next one. Keep writing.

Will he ever find her? Night after long lonely night, starship commander Dachar despairs of ever finding his mate. Once he spots beautiful, innocent Anis Warner, Dachar knows he must have her. He'll do anything to claim Anis as his bride, even pay an enormous sum to procure her.

Anis Warner is a woman who knows what she wants. And Commander Dachar is not it. Passionate about building her career, Anis jumps at the chance to enter the 'Study Among the Stars,' or SAS, program. Only problem—SAS is just a way to lure young women to the ship, so they can be mated to an Apochian warrior.

Can Dachar convince Anis that her future lies with him? It won't be easy, for Anis's independent streak isn't the only challenge facing Dachar. A racial purity movement is dead set against Earth brides, and Anis's future mother-in-law is a true believer.

Star Brides: Procured is available at: 

Amazon: for $3.03!


Review for Star Brides: The Meat Market

Merissa from The Romance Reviews:

This is an easy to read book.. what is here is excellently written, and provides enough story for a nice, lighthearted, read. The characters all work together and help to round each other out. The scenery is easy to see, and the pacing is smooth. There were no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt my reading flow.

A great read, perfect for what I wanted, and thoroughly enjoyable. Definitely recommended by me.

Star Brides: The Meat Market is available at:


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  [Menage Amour: Futuristic Menage a Trois Science Fiction Romance, M/F/M, HEA] Welcome to the ‘meat market.’ It’s the bridal fair from hell. Officially known as the Outer World Citizens’ Spousal Bazaar and Expo, ...
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Star Brides: The Meat Market
Will he ever find her? Night after long, lonely, night starship commander, Dachar, despairs of finding his mate. Once he spots beautiful, innocent, Anis Warner, Dachar knows he must have her. And he’ll do anything to claim Anis as his bride, ev...
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Star Brides: Procured

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