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Edwina Hartley is a housewife in her early sixties, a recent widow after thirty-five years of marriage where she filtered all of her thoughts and ideas through her husband, George’s, eyes. She now has to think for herself, and it doesn’t ...
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When Angels Sleep
Flynn Steven’s cousin Suzy, once married to Marshall Beckett, reveals details of her awful marriage to a tyrant. She begs Flynn to see if the son she left behind is okay and locate her hidden diary, a “matter of life or death.” Flyn...
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Romancing a Tasmanian Cowboy
When Sedna, Raven Woman, and her clan of Inuit people discover a Viking ship wrecked on the shores of their Arctic island in the spring of 975 AD, Sedna is warned by the Raven Mother not to let her people kill the lone Norseman aboard. Heeding the wa...
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Sedna ~ North Star Raven Woman ~ Women of the Northland Book 3
Tiana, Gift of the Moon is the second novel in the Women of the Northland trilogy. In this story of the earliest people in North America, Pinkie Paranya weaves her tale of Inuit customs and superstitions into those of the Athabascan Indians, who also...
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Tiana ~ Gift of the Moon ~ Women of the Northland ~ Book 2
Married and so much in love, Taylor and Rick enjoy a perfect marriage, with a great relationship both in bed and out of it — except Taylor finds it impossible to overlook her 6'3" ex-football-player husband's obsession with medical...
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Practice Makes Perfect
What do you get when you mix a beautiful gossip reporter; an amnesiac bag lady with a dangerously mysterious past; a forty-something, cranky, bumbling, New York private investigator with phobias about germs, animals, and most people; and a dog who de...
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Herr Schnoodle & McBee
In ancient Alaska, before it was known to anyone but the Inuit people, a child Umiak is the only survivor of a starving clan who ventured too far onto dangerous, unknown waters to find food. Washed ashore with nothing but her raven-feather talisman, ...
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Raven Woman
She stared at the sprawling body of a woman in the water. ‘She is down there,’ the voice whispered, stiffening the hairs on the back of Kate’s neck. No! She slams down the lid of her laptop computer. That was where the pictu...
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Death Has No Dominion
What if a relentless predator—a parent's worst nightmare come true—dropped out of nowhere? He has, and now cynical Detective Richard Slater and reluctant psychic Kate Macklin are all that stand between death and life for the childr...
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One...Two...Buckle My Shoe
She hadn’t expected anyone to read the love messages she tossed away...but he did. Recuperating from an abusive marriage, Casey Nichols flees with her asthmatic, six-year-old son Jake to Colorado, hoping to improve his health. She moves ...
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Love Letters in the Wind
She’s in Brazil on a secret mission for her father… A quiet, conservative teacher who’s lived in one small Virginian town all her life, Marisa Elliott plunges into a desperate adventure when she meets Scott Dunbar a devilish...
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