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Quin Ripley

I like rockets, cozy quarters, and close encounters.

If there are thrusters, I am there.

And aliens? Even better.

I've been working as a ghost writer for some time. I have tons of artists and editors within my personal network, so it makes sense to give indie publishing a go between my other projects. Seeding ERO-5 is my first project of that nature and it was recently released.

I currently reside in the UK, though I've been back and forth across the pond throughout my life. I spent a lot of my childhood in the US. 

My very best mate is a whale of a cat named Binks.

I'm fond of Earl Grey and Dr. Who.

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Taisia’s sex drive is out of control. The shy botanist is many lightyears from home, serving on the most ambitious terraforming project ever undertaken by humanity. But she’s helpless to resist her flaming desires and fears the project...
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Seeding ERO-5

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