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I am the author of Stella's Plea, of an Edge-Of-Your-Seat Christian Suspense Novel, action-packed without the violence, gore, or coarse language. Stella's Plea is about the abduction of a deaf little girl and her mother's struggle to find her. 
I'm currently working on a second novel, a court drama. This novel deals with adoption.
I live in New Brunswick, Canada. I'm a wife, mother and grandmother. While my husband is an avid outdoorsman, I'm a homebody and prefer to write stories for people like you. 
I work full-time outside the home, but look forward to the day I can make a living out of writing. 
I always enjoyed reading and my favourite genres are Christian suspense, historical, and Amish. I'm always opened to new authors.
I belong to 4 online writing groups, where I am constantly learning. They've greatly inspired me in my journey and I'll always cherish this new knowledge.
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