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R Archer

Best Selling Author, R. Archer, is a noted Author and writer in the genres of Comedy Horror, Political Satire, Comedy, and Erotic Horror genres.

A published poet, his poem End of Days appears in the horror anthology, Hell II, published by James Ward Kirk Fiction. Other published works to his collection include a movie review of Dead Alive, found at Halloween Forevermore.

The Case Files of Harvey Valentine Private Dick in Gold Digger is the first full- length novel the author has written, and the author’s first forte in the mystery crime fiction genre. The Secret Cabal is the author’s 3rd Novel to date this year.

The author works as an Independent Paralegal when not writing new works of fiction, and he is currently working on a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He plans to stay in college several more years, possibly earning a Juris Doctorate.

We shall see.

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