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Book 3 of the Temptation Unveiled series. Sheridan’s world is turned upside down by one magical book and the sexy supernaturals who come with it. Now the latest piece of the prophecy seems to point to her saving the day, but she doubts her s...
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Behind the Veil
She walks a tightrope between light and dark. Danger and passion. Obsession and love… Fireborne, Book 1 Aziza Jane Stewart is living on borrowed time, and making a few mistakes in London seems like a good way to go out with a bang. But w...
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Burn With Me
In the sultry heat of the Big Easy, desire can be a dangerous thing... Gabriel Toussaint Giodarno has returned to New Orleans to make amends with his estranged family. The last thing he expected was to be hounded by a magical wannabe-guardian a...
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Tempt Me
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Would you like to play a game? Shifting Reality, Book 2 Saint is half human, half demon.all trouble. With his roommate Thomas mated to Margo, and Mac on one of those long, lonely, feeling-eternally-sorry-for-yourself vampire vacations, Saint is o...
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My Demon Saint
It’s a bumpy ride to dirtily ever after… Wicked ³, Book 2 Harrison Jennera Abbot was born with a silver broomstick in her hand. Heiress to a Magian dynasty. Good witch extraordinaire. She’s sick of it. She longs to ...
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Wicked Bad
Three exciting new paranormal erotic novellas set in New Orleans, with a voodoo twist that's "pure magic". (Eden Bradley) In the Big Easy, there's a legend women long for: a sexual voodoo spirit who can fulfill their darkest fantasies. ...
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Possess Me
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Scrumptious as a cherry peach parfait…or a sinfully kinky foursome. The popular cooking show, Brunch with Laura, is T.S. Larkin’s brainchild. Rather, it was. Because her boss couldn’t keep it in his pants, Truly’s unem...
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Truly Scrumptious
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A Shifter, A Vampire and A Demon walk into a bar… Shifting Reality, Book 1 Thomas Lyons is your average cat shifter. Cool, seductive…and bored out of his mind. With the new popularity of all things paranormal, he doesn’...
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My Shifter Showmance

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