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I was born in Wales, to a musical family. My father was a singer in the Welsh choirs and a music teacher. We immigrated to Australia when I was three months old. The majority of my childhood was spent growing up in a small country town in southern Queensland. My favourite past time was horse riding and motorcycles.

I was approached by many people over the last 10 years to write a book about my life, which I entitled the Once Were Brothers series. The series stems from a near-death experience in my life almost 20 years ago. The events that day changed my views and opinions about life itself and have moulded me into the man I am today, hence the reason why I was approached to write the book.

Whilst I have mythicised the book, the teachings I learnt since the experience are very much a reality to all of us; every day of our lives but we may not even realize it. It’s our very essence or who we are on the inside that defines us and not religious viewpoints, work nor our family. 

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A kingdom divided. Ties are sundered. Brother against brother. One race split by the sword. Two kingdoms One of the light One of the dark. One of the law One of war. Across countless galaxies, The many join as one The time is upon u...
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