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Grover Meeks and Eva Samson never set out to make a Christmas sex tape together; it just sort of turned out that way. The shenanigans all started with an empty dorm room, a horny guy, a long Christmas break, and a webcam. After that, well, yo...
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Santa's Sex Tape
Heather's just looking for a temporary job to score some spending cash. Never did she expect to score with the rec center attendant, Aaron. What’s the 4th of July without a few fireworks?
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Sparks n Recreation
Tracy Edmonds is taking her niece, Evelyn, trick or treating when they happen upon the house of the hunky new guy at work, Reed.   Despite Tracy’s drab costume – her third year as Harry Potter in a row– Reed asks Tra...
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His Trick, Her Treat
  Reggie Brooks is bummed to be working on Valentine’s Day, especially when his first call of the night turns out to be to a local university dorm. The community college student turned traveling masseuse isn’t exactly in the m...
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Valen-Tease Day
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It's Christmas Eve, and Grady Hobart is feeling anything but "nice." Not only is he working the graveyard shift at the Traffic Town Truck Stop, but he hasn't had a customer in over two hours! All that changes when a comely stripp...
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Nice n Naughty
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Grady Hobart is working the skeleton shift at the Traffic Town Truck Stop when three gorgeous spring breakers saunter in to use the restroom. A fourth, the raven-haired beauty known as Mona, lingers behind to flirt with Grady. After the two strik...
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Pumped Dry

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