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For five years, readers of the Ben Thomas trilogy have impatiently awaited the long-overdue second title in the series - a top-notch, brutal mystery where murders, drugs, sex, and unbridled avarice will keep fans turning the pages. Set in the ...
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Northern Conspiracy
From the opening lines of the riveting, sociopathic Ned to the heartbreaking last lines of State of Grace, these tales will enthrall Western readers and those who just love a well-told story. The reader will find "olden days" Westerns in...
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Award-Winning Tales
Northern Escape, the award-winning first book in the Ben Thomas trilogy, is set in the wilds of S.E. Alaska. From the first day of the robbery at the Bellagio by Max Jessee and Roy Biers, Detective Ben Thomas is obsessed with finding Biers&rsq...
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Northern Escape
Brutal and shocking, Death in the Desert, the third and final novel in the Ben Thomas series, while a fiction story, is based on fact. R.L. Coffield’s  Death in the Desert, brings the current fiascos with the Mexican border, il...
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Death in the Desert

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