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This is a companion book for The Beasts Within: The second book in the award winning Foundlings Series. The manual contains vital information for any vampire hunter. It is written by Father Dominick Luna, a master hunter and devout Catholic priest...
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The Codex of Vampiric Bloodlines
After the bittersweet victory against the Reich in New Orleans, Donnie is left in a constant state of anger and uncertainty. Even with the addition of new allies in the form of the Liquidators – a private military force, the Blood Angels &nd...
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The Beasts Within
This is a companion book to The Foundlings by R.M. Garcia. After Abbie is trapped in the world of Vampires, she is handed a mysterious manual to review. Reading it is the only thing that keeps her sane, as she focuses all her attention into discov...
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The Vampir Manual of the Reich
In the vampire world where their kind is hunted mercilessly, Espee, Donnie, Nox, Abbie, and few other Foundlings stand to protect their members. As the leader of the den, Espee has taught them to survive, to hide, and to avoid detection from the f...
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The Foundlings

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