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Twenty-three year old Sebastian Rook, a rookie physical therapist, finds himself lusting after two men -- his sexy roommate, Ben Hull, who is a model for local advertisers; and the Vanmer Vipers’ all-star quarterback, Jory Sole, who also hap...
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Torso Tackle
A man can fall in and out of love with a simple cheek-kiss, commit tender crimes of the heart, and enjoy gay passion to its fullest. Who wouldn’t like to fall in love with a sexy medium in “Run Like a Girl?” What happened &l...
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The Boyfriend Season and Other Stories
After retiring from his career in construction and trying to cope with the death of his wife, Isaac York experiences an infatuation for a lifelong male friend and discovers his world fills with sunflowers and a risqué transition. Isaac move...
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Nebraska Close
When Gage Wellton visits buddy Corey Cassidy for a fun-filled weekend in New York City, Corey’s life is turned upside down. The rodeo champion steals his heart, and Corey asks him to move to the big city. But Gage has obligations in Kansas, and...
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The Weekender

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