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Rachel A Smith

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Current Releases
Captain Jesse Rivers of the Texas Rangers put everything on the line, daring to court a woman divided from him by breeding, culture and fortune. She promised to wait for him and didn't. When she reappears sixteen years later, she refuses to an...
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Hidden Hearts
Sam “Killer” Carnehan is on the skids—a washed-up, has-been fighter with nowhere to go but down. “Georgia” is running from her past, but looking for it too. She needs Sam for protection; he craves her acceptance. Togethe...
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This Train
  Marty Lopez is living with HIV. He's also a recovering cocaine addict who has done time because of his addiction, before developing a second career as a substance abuse counselor. Over his family's opposition, he moves to Texas from Calif...
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Bittersweet Victories

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