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Rachel Kenley believes in embracing the power of passion and she does so every time she sits and spends time creating stories for the characters who live in her head. The characters in her life include her husband, two sons, her family, and a group of writer friends she would be lost without. She knows how lucky she is to be living the writer's life that has always been her dream.
Current Releases
Lena Crane wants one night with a sexy stranger to help her remember the woman she used to be and forget the serious possibility of losing her company. Something to get her creative and sexual juices going. In the arms of a young artist, she does ...
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Peak Experience
A troubled past When Miles Anderson left Glenway, he never wanted to see the small town again. Labeled a troublemaker and a no-account because of his parents, he was ready to move on with his life. But he didn't think his decision would mean he'd n...
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Passionate Heat
Justine Caldorini saves her passion and dreams for the desserts she creates. Successful businesman Adam Stade pours his focus into his work and causes, but when he tastes one of Justine's desserts at a dinner he decides he has to know more about ...
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Just's Desserts
Once upon a time. When those words start a story, the reader knows a fairy tale has begun along with a chance for imagination to take flight. In these stories, ten writers re-imagine classic stories and give them a new - and definitely erotic - twist...
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Kyra L’orrac was committed to her assignment: stay on Earth and guard the sapphire known as the Stone of Destiny and keep it from the magician who sought it. She knew the many reasons magicians weren’t to be trusted. But Ellard J’ar...
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Destiny's Jewel
What if Cinderella didn't want to marry the Prince? And what if she discovered that a man who was in control of his life all day enjoyed giving up that control in the bedroom? Mariella goes to the prince's balls to find a husband. Unfortunately, ...
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The Glass Stiletto
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