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ake the risk to win the prize. Industry rumours whisper that Argentinian billionaire Renzo Vega has invested in a secret project known only as 'Lucky'. Eager for his next challenge, entrepreneur Rob Ray tracks Renzo to his luxury yacht...
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Lucky for Him
  Between a cock and a hard case. The rivalry between Caroline Kildaire and Hilary Swift is as infamous in London legal circles as their rumoured affair. And while a professional partnership would make them unbeatable, attempts to wor...
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Temporary Truce
Fantasies are even better when they’re shared. Prudence loves the sexy games her husband arranges for her, and she craves the punishment for losing as much as the pleasures of victory. Edward is frustrated, however, that Pru denies them ...
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Playing with Prudence
Valentine’s got a talent for finding the right fit—whether it’s matching an executive to a job or finding a lover for himself—but he’s never had a first impression like Lucy before. Commandeered by the intriguing ...
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Take it Off
You are cordially commanded to attend my Christmas revel… When London cabbie Tim drives the gorgeous Diana to a costume party, he eagerly accepts her invitation to stay. He soon learns that this is no ordinary holiday bash—it’s...
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His Christmas Present
  The only way to save the man everybody wants is to claim him for herself Johnny’s well-known for his uninhibited performances, and his electrifying show at the summer’s biggest music festival leaves fellow popstar Mir...
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The Festival Spirit

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