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Rae Summers lives in South Africa where she works in television advertising, a line of work that is not always as glamorous as it seems. When she isn’t working or being mom to two young daughters, Rae can be found with her nose in a book.

She writes sensual romances set in the 1920s under the name Rae Summers and flirty contemporaries under the name Romy Sommer.

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Current Releases
In the age of jazz and champagne cocktails, respectable English widow Jenny embarks on a new life in America. Whatever adventures lie ahead, she's certain of one thing: one loss was enough for a lifetime. She will never love again. So whe...
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Prohibited Passion
Isobel Harrington, fresh from her English finishing school in the summer of 1922, is sent to visit cousins in Italy for just one reason: to catch the eye of their wealthy and eligible house guest. But the man who awakens Isobel's passion i...
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An Innocent Abroad
The discovery of a long-lost love letter in a house she’s redecorating sends Rosalie Stanton on a quest to find its rightful owner. Since his return from the Great War, William Cavendish has lived as a recluse. His peaceful existence is ...
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Dear Julia
Passion simmers from the moment wild child and dedicated Flapper Gabrielle meets staid aristocrat Sebastian. When she discovers the adventurous spirit beneath his serious demeanour, she seduces him into a last fling before he settles for a loveles...
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Let's Misbehave
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