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Raina James

Raised in an Air Force family, Raina lived in such diverse places as Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Gander, Newfoundland, before leaving the nest and settling down near Ottawa, Ontario.

Some skepticism about the earning value of an English degree made Raina turn to a career in journalism. While almost two decades in newspapers in Canada's capital has made her revise that opinion, there's still no thrill quite like getting the paper to press on a heavy news day with an early deadline.

At home, when not riding herd on her four children -- two girls and two boys -- or trying to squeeze in some writing time, Raina can most often be found reading the work of her favorite authors, new and old.

Raina is a great believer in happy endings, as anyone who reads her work will attest. After all, what's the point of writing fiction if you can't put a little joy in people's lives?
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Current Releases
Length: 58,585 words Lieutenant Denali te Mikah’s opportunities to visit home are few and far between since choosing space over joining the ranks of the Kalari Jewels, as prized for their rarity as for their sensuous skills. She is less than...
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Stolen Jewel
Good things come in threes…the naughtier the better. Love in a Bottle, Book 1 Cassandra Parker has a secret: she’s in love with David Michalek, the sexy consultant she’s assisting on a major project for her company. She also ...
Available Now!
Three Wicked Wishes
Length: 63,617 words [Erotic Western Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M] Daughter of a railroad baron, widow of a war hero, fiercely independent Lillian Worthington Cabot is a lady to her fingertips. When her father falls ill before a crucial busine...
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The Railroad Baroness (writing as Jayne Douglas)
Length: 24,800 words   Hot on the trail of the Rogan Gang, Galactic Marshals and bond-brothers Stev and Tarik Lan Garron go undercover to head the notorious bandits off from their next target—a high-stakes poker tournament on the bac...
Available Now!
Marshals' Most Wanted
Length: 28,296 words   On Kalaria, native-born women are a rarity, and Kalaria's Council of Elders is ever-vigilant that only the best and the strongest clans qualify for a precious Jewel.   Jerran, Loran, Mikah and Kai -- leade...
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The Family Jewel
Khariss Lloyd is attracted to Dylan Sanders the moment he walks into her dance studio for tango lessons. Something about Dylan's boy-next-door good looks and friendly smile make her want to get to know him better. Dylan suspected he was being set up...
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Since leaving home and heartbreak behind eight years before, Shelby Daniels has been very careful to keep her involvement with men about just one thing: sex. No dates, no meaningful discussions, no plans for the future. So far, it's been a pretty sat...
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Three For All
Serena's Song is a contemporary erotic romance about young love rediscovered. A 15-year-old photo and a magazine expose reunite a rock star with the girl he left behind on the road to stardom. But sweet Serena Jeffries is all grown up now. Will she g...
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Serena's Song

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Raina James at RT 2013.

Raina James at RT 2013.

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